The 8 Key Elements Behind Successful MDF Programs

8-Key-Elements-eBook-website-image-267x300.pngRegardless of how they are implemented, the MDF (Marketing Development Fund) is a large expense for most channel marketers. In fact, they can represent as much as 10-15 percent of the total channel marketing budget. But rather than treating these programs as merely an expense, think of them as one of your most powerful business tools to reach sales and marketing objectives.

When reviewing each of these eight elements, do so with an eye toward how they relate to the go-to-market strategies of your channel partners, the programs offered to them by your competitors, and your own sales and marketing goals. When taken as a whole, a promotional allowance program based on these 8 key elements can be greater than the sum of its parts, providing your company with well-engineered sales and marketing programs. Your goal in using these elements should be to create programs that “meet or beat” your competition. When properly-designed, these programs can give you that all-important edge in the marketplace.

For best results, you should build programs that support not only the go-to-market behaviors of a marketer and its channel partners, but also the buying process of the consumer.

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