Channel ROI Measurement Workshop

The rise of modern channel program measurement and its implications for revenue and market-share growth

ROI-chalkboard.pngLong considered the ‘holy grail’ of channel management, connecting the dots between channel investment and sales ROI is still a struggle for even the most savvy and well-funded channel organizations. But in the last couple of years, technological steps forward in workflow automation, data integration, analytics, forecasting, and marketing automation have set the stage for a true closed loop.This evolution means finally being able to measure with certainty what efforts are working and which are a waste of time and energy, thus maximizing impact with limited budget. But the effect of connecting these dots has another, equally important benefit: each step in the channel planning, execution, and measurement lifecycle becomes dramatically more effective and efficient when influenced by the information captured in the other steps.Join us on April 9 for a deep dive on the topic of channel ROI measurement.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will show you:

  • How the world’s top global technology channel organizations have been viewing and approaching this challenge traditionally, how that is rapidly changing, and where it’s going in the future.
  • Key metrics to watch for solid ROI measurement, with some common mistakes vendors consistently make in attempting to measure lift from channel programs and initiatives.
  • How modern technology platforms are re-writing the rules of what can be measured, and empowering better coordination between groups and smarter decision making for each step in the planning, execution, and measurement phases.
  • The “top 5 tips” for improving the measurability, and ultimately the performance, of your channel efforts.