Best Practices

Incentive Programs Targeting Channel Sales Personnel

Incentive-Programs-Targeting-Channel-Sales-Personnel_cover-300x224.pngThe one thing in common with all sales reps is that they are “coin operated.” Many believe that sales commissions alone should be enough to promote sales. However, it’s a proven fact that special incentive programs that supplement basic commissions are an effective way to promote desired behaviors. Targeting sales reps (or sales engineers) for incentive programs makes perfect sense. They direct the sale by recommending the brands/products that best meet the prospect’s needs. But the task of designing, deploying, and managing incentive programs for channel partners is made more difficult because the sales reps targeted for participation are not direct employees of the sponsor. This indirect relationship requires special considerations to ensure program efficacy. This eBook presents indirect sales incentives best practices designed to address the important considerations necessary to optimize success, whether for a short-term sales goal or a long-term sales strategy.