‘Next Gen’ Joint Marketing Planning

Best Practices Workshop for Simplifying the Joint Planning Process, Accelerating Time To Market, and Dramatically Increasing Partner Revenue


In recent years, top channel leaders have become much more aware of the importance of structured joint marketing planning (JMP) in maximizing partner sales and loyalty, while ensuring their own team’s effectiveness and accountability. But for most vendors, effective JMP hasn’t been easy to execute in a structured, measurable way across regions, product lines, and partner types. Often administered ad hoc and recorded on individual spreadsheets, these processes can be labor intensive, time consuming, spotty in their adoption, and difficult to measure or improve on.

As a result, vendors often don’t have a clear picture of how the programs they’ve designed for partners are performing or whether MDF allowances have been effective.

'Next gen' joint marketing planning techniques and tools are changing the game, allowing channel teams to:

  • Improve partner experience and CAM effectiveness with a more simple, structured process.
  • Enable accurate forecasting and measurement for joint campaigns.
  • Dramatically increase partner sales performance.

CCI’s Steven Kellam and Peter Hornberger talk about the innovative approaches used by many of the world’s top tech and telecom players that will help you:

  • Turn your joint planning into a competitive advantage – without adding resources or increasing workload for your staff or partners
  • Connect the dots between forecast vs. actual for both spend and revenue.
  • Improve the partner experience through ease of use
  • Gain clear visibility to ROI and increase utilization of MDF allowances
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to get partners pursuing, and closing, new deals for you